I just received my insurance renewal and was shocked

We have had ambulance insurance for some years and pay the premiums yearly. I don’t recall the exact figures but over a period of ten years the premium has gone from about $90 PA to over $100. This is not a big change but when the renewal arrived this week I opened the letter with mild concern given the reports of all manner of insurance premiums rocketing up.

For the same cover the annual premium has gone from $102.01 last year to $77.62. The reasons given are very vague, essentially telling me what fines fellows they are. Does this mean they have assessed our risk as going down? Are ambulance fees reducing? Were the premiums inflated before and they have decided to reduce them to be more competitive? I don’t know but I’ll take it.


As with most insurance, there is no transparency to the customer.

If there are multiple providers available to you then it could be instructive to know whether premiums have gone down across the board or just with your provider.

In the absence of real information, speculation likes to get a run: Maybe the pandemic has curtailed people doing stupid things and curtailed other activities that lead to ambulance callouts. If that is the case then I suppose premiums will return to their pre-pandemic levels within a few years.


My AV membership payment this year has gone up $0.73 from last year :woman_shrugging:

:astonished: I can’t remember the last time I got an insurance renewal of “any” type that didn’t devalue the policy or increase the cost by 20-30% House, contents, health, life, TPD, income, car, ALL routinely 20%+ year on year…

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