I feel embarrassed and terrified

Hi i stayed some where on the weekend a holiday park,

And a gentlemen started harassing me with swearing and threatening to inflict harm acting broadly in the tough guy respect me! Or else mentality.
and site owner was not supportive or offered means to report such incidents

Your experience sounds nasty. And I wouldn’t want that.

But as you would know as a regular member, the official position of the Community is it cannot comment on actions that may be subject to police or legal actions.

Hey, PM me for a chat if you like.

Thanks greatly for your reply i recognise your concern, and makes feel better to knits it is unusual circumstances.

I’m hoping more for emotional support and advice social action i can take
Whether it’s wrong to be upset for such a circumstance afterall snowflake is a common insult these days.

And generally know that not having a method to report incidents at a venue is highly unusual.


There is no accounting for how others can behave, or how we might respond fearful of the situation. Hopefully the police offered some advice on how to best respond to any similar situation in the future. The expected response of the staff person in charge, on call or the owner should also have been explained.

You should be able to contact the same station and request feedback on what follow up actions were taken. Did you receive a copy of the report made along with the details of the officer who received it?


I’ve contacted the brand chain corporate office with written complaint
They had a two sentence response.

As made you aware, all ‘Franchise/PartnerName’ Parks are individually owned and operated. We don’t control the terms and conditions the parks operate by, which included how they manage unruly guests.

The outcome for complaining seems quite unbelievable and lackluster. and i suspect untrue

Could you imagine any company allowing you to paste their trademark on your product without any oversight of quality control ?