HypeDC - A sincere Thank You for GREAT customer service

Shout out to HypeDC for great customer service and a congratulations for NAB and Australia Post too for excellent work.
Had occasion to buy shoes for a gift (had the style/size/colour sorted) and in the process of ordering I accidentally bought 2 pairs.
At close enough to $300 a pair I nearly had kittens when I got the confirmation email for my purchase!
A quick phone call to Hype had the order cancelled and a promise to refund the amount paid. The very helpful young lady then checked where there was stock and as there was only one pair “in store” in (West) Australia she suggested they would most likely come from their warehouse (NSW) and could take up to a maximum 6 days. No stress and I was happy to not be getting what I’d ordered so to speak.
I then had to go online again and with considerably more care, order another pair of shoes.
At this point my bank stopped the “suspicious” transaction by blocking the payment and notifying me by text that until I replied to their text (with a simple “1”) confirming it was me trying to buy all these shoes, the transaction would not be allowed. (Thanks for having my back NAB)
So after waiting a while to see whether the almost transaction automatically completed or if I had to go through the order process again I again went ordering shoes…
Fast forward a day and a half and I received the shoes via Aust Post.They had been shipped from PERTH to MELBOURNE in a day and a half!!
The following day I checked my CC account and blow me down, the fully refunded amount was in there already!
You hear about all the cruddy experiences that people have online but I have to say that this whole process blew me away at every turn.
Thank you to Hype DC, Australia Post and NAB for excellence all round.


Welcome to the Community @trevvaa and it is always helpful to hear of a good experience with online shopping.