Hungry Jack Hamburgers

I recently purchased a Angus Classic" and a “Rodeo” hamburgers from my local HJ outlet. On the web site the “Premium Angus grill” hamburger looked like it contained a piece of steak (“Flame grilled, thicker juicier Aussie Angus beef …”). On opening it it turned out to be just another meat patty of unknown origin. The rest of the item was just tolerable. The Rodeo Cheeseburger on the other hand was quite inedible. The "meat (“flame grilled 100% Australian beef and a slice of melted cheese topped off with crisp onion rings”) was like a sad piece of cardboard looking like it was cooked several days ago. The rest of the filling was mushy slops and the onion rings were devoid of onion.

If this is the regular diet of many Australians, it is no wonder the health of our nation is in such a parlous state, leading the world in obesity for starters.

Their web site looked like it had links to their state offices, none of which worked. The Customer Service office was closed and the request for a call-back has not resulted in any action 24 hours later. Clicking on the “Leave us you feedback” link results in an error message.

You must have got a bad one. The odd few times I’ve bought burgers there for myself and the wife have been edible. We don’t patronage the establishment for health or gourmet reasons, however it suits our needs for we want at the time. My only gripe is that they can be a bit pricey.
Do yourself a favor and grab you next burger from the fish and chip shop. They’re usually the best.

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That certainly was a bad experience for you.

Did you take the burgers back? Did they offer a refund or replacement. Every HJ should do this.

If you ask they will add/increase or remove salad items such as Tomato, Lettuce, Onion, and Beetroot for free. They will add, reduce, increase or remove dressings/sauces for free. You can also ask for the bun to be removed and they will serve the remaining burger contents in a container with a plastic knife and fork.

I tried their contact page and was able to leave feedback, perhaps it was down at the time you tried or you may have settings on your browser that block the site?

NEW NOTE: The free salad add on has now been changed to cost you for each extra item similar to Maccas. Pity that they have gone this way as the free salad add ons certainly made their burgers a much better outcome than Macs.

Have you tried the alternative big chain hamburger establishment. We have recently tried HJ and have been very surprise by the taste and quality and will not be returning the other one. It is a fast food store after all and to expect anything but convenience and reasonable taste and quality would be dreaming!

A hamburger in Australia is a formed mince patty. A steakburger contains a piece of ‘steak’…both with or without accompaniments. The photo on the link shows a formed meat patty and irs description as a hamburger is correct.

I have not eaten a ‘fast food family restaurant’ hamburger in over 25 years and don’t plan to anytime soon. If I do have a hamburger, which is a very rare occurrence and posdibky once every year or two, I either make my own or if I do buy, purchase from a local milk bar/hot food store.

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I am a short drive to 1 of the reportedly best burger shops in Melbourne and another featured as one of the best outside the CBD area. Both are pretty fine in their own ways.

When HJ released their Angus line I had to try one just because. It was $3 less than the entry product from the burger shops. The bun was better than any fast food bun I have had but still fairly ordinary compared to the burger shops, but the patty and trimmings were surprisingly good, and HJ have improved their chips.

Everyone’s tastes are different, but I find HJ significantly better than Maccas (ignoring the Maccas Cafe options) and on the few times I stop at either, they have always been friendly and very happy to fix whatever I was unhappy with.

Is any of it healthy? ROTFLMAO! Sometimes one just needs a fat fix :smiley:

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Yep. Nothing like a proper burger which was the norm in Sydney until Maccas invaded. When I were a lad burgers came from Greek owned milk bars and consisted of a toasted bun with a scraping of margarine, fresh tomato slices, fresh shredded lettuce, sliced beetroot from a can, a squished ball of mince cooked on the hotplate, fried onions, and some sauce. If you were really hungry you’d add an egg, some bacon and a slice of pineapple. Maccas, Hungry jacks and Burger King just don’t cut it for me. I was spoiled with the good stuff.


Definitely agree on the good old corner store hamburger being the best by far !!!


HJ has been kind to seniors (as has Maccas) with free coffees/drink with any purchase but paying attention to the specials via their coupons has its virtue.

Today there is a choice of 2 Whopper Jrs and 2 small fries for $5.95 (coupon price for the asking) OR 1 Whopper Jr and 1 small fry for $6.30 (rack rate)

Double the goods for only $0.35 less. Can I have just 1 of each for $5.95? -> No.