Huggies nappies - burns/rash claims

Hi everyone, I’m an investigative journalist at Choice. I’ve been looking into claims that Huggies nappies have been causing severe diaper rash, chemical burns and other skin problems for babies. Putting a call out here to find anyone who’s used Huggies products recently and have medical confirmation of an injury. Other info also welcome. You can email me, too


Here are the results of our investigation into claims Huggies are causing rashes and burns:


I think an issue like this highlights several key questions with how issues like this are handled.

  • Regardless of the finding that nothing is wrong, people will likely still blame the manufacturer for issues (thereby distracting from any other potential issues that may exist)
  • In the event a chemical is generally safe but can cause irritations, how many users have to experience irritations before a recall is required? Even if research says a product is safe, can it be recalled if a large enough number of people are sensitive?
  • Is it just a matter of more clear labeling regarding sensitivities? (For example most cleaners say spot test first before using)