How to recognise and manage termites

This handy termite guide will help you find a reliable and experienced pest manager, including what to ask and what to look for when it comes to termites.

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Great article. We have at least two of the options, and now I better understand how they work. Thank you.


When I was last doing a bit of bushwalking in western Vic in the mid 1980s, I think it was Wyperfeld NP that had a unique termite control system. Rolls of toilet paper placed around the grounds near the wooden buildings were used to keep them busy, easier to access that food source than the buildings. As far as I know it was successful.


Makes sense. Thanks for the tip :thumbsup:

Here I was thinking that the toilet paper strewn everywhere in and around public toilets was vandalism. Now I realize the kids were doing their bit to control termites. Perhaps we need to explain that with concrete & brick structures it’s not needed.


@meltam :joy: :joy:

After all this time, who would have guessed?

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We live in the age of alternative facts. It could be the toilet paper keeps them away and nothing to do with the concrete and bricks. Prepare for the vigorous rebuttals from the kids (and many adults!) :slight_smile:

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Ha! Well, sounds like the anti-termite youth movement is alive and well :laughing: