How to permanently delete your Gmail account

Seems that there is some dissatisfaction with Gmail out there regarding their encryption and some privacy issues . Here is a useful guide I found .


This may turn out to be a useful alternative:


Re Helm:

How does the Helm proposal stack up against paying a local ISP for a basic hosted web server with personalised mail and storage? Both cost, however the option of having someone else maintain your offsite virtual server, storage etc and backup may be worth the extra cost?

How easy or practical might this be, given you can also port all to another host if you choose?


Is Helm the one the Clintons used?



I’ll play. It might be since her emails were apparently in place, unlike those of the republicans, esp the W administration that apparently lost (misplaced? hid? deleted) many, many, many emails.


I hadn’t heard that story amidst all the garbage that was being shouted in every direction during the 2016 US presidential campaign, but it doesn’t surprise me. Neither does the fact that the lawbreakers received absolutely no punishment - ‘you have to protect your own’.

As for the Republican National Convention having a ‘policy of deleting emails after 30 days’ until 2004, that sounds either invented from whole cloth or created specifically for the purpose of plausible deniability. Even in 2000 emails were being stored for lengthy periods of time if not forever (I have some from the mid-90s).