How to handle a pushy salesperson

Here’s some advice on how to handle an overbearing salesperson.

What’s the worst hard sell you’ve ever experienced?


Our worst experience was OZ shutters. Because we went to a home show in Perth, they had our details and called to tell us we had won a second prize of some discount, or amount towards shutters. As we were considering shutters at the time, we agreed to them coming to visit us to discuss this.
The sales person (a man) started by telling us that if we decided at any stage we wanted him gone, we just needed to ask. This became an important statement later.
He looked at the windows we were considering and removed the flyscreen to gain access to the outside area to measure (on the second storey). On trying to replace the flyscreen, he broke it and shrugged his shoulders and laughed.
He then gave us an outlandish quote of $5000.00 for two windows, which were not large and in bedrooms. Since we already knew our neighbour had his whole house done for $10000.00, we just said no.
Then he said he would give us the windows for $2000.00. We said we would think about it and he said it was a take it or leave it deal. We said no. We were done, thanks and could he go? No, he would not, because first he would ring his boss and get permission to give us a better deal, bearing in mind we would have to have their advertising outside our yard for a year. I said we would be paying them for a product and were not prepared to advertise for them for any deal.
At this stage my husband walked out of the room, saying the man should leave. He kept insisting that he was giving us a good deal. I told him that he had promised at the outset to leave and that as we had now both requested him to leave, he was trespassing. He kept on talking. I insisted he leave, or I would call the police. He finally left. It is 2 hours of my life I will never get back. We repaired the flyscreen at our cost.

Oz shutters call us about twice a year to persuade us to see one of their reps. They now have our number. Each time I tell them never to call again and that they are infringing on my do not call request. Each time I reiterate that I will never deal with them, because they are a threatening bunch of crooks. I could do more, but I now almost enjoy the game of telling them I am going to report them and what a bunch of crooks they are and the person calling should look for another job. At some stage I might escalate this, but in the meantime, I am reminded every 6 months why we should never deal with them.


Sounds like an awful experience @isellev.

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I personally always say that I am not interested, as usually they try to push something onto you when it is not needed (or the right time say for a service contract).

Even if it the right time (say, they are calling from a Telco when I happened to looking around for alternatives for comparison with current arrangements), I still say not interested as I prefer to to my own searching and investigations on my own independently of someone trying to make a quick buck from you.

A quick “Thank you, not interested” usually ends the contact.


We had a similar experience with these people. Quite unethical, wanted to know the lowest quote we had received so they could undercut it. Even tried to insist that my wife be present, no doubt so they could try and put pressure on her. Amazingly poor business practices.


That is horrible. I remember having to deal with a pushy sales person knock on my door he actually pushed the pneumatic thing for the screen door couldn’t believe them. I was so angry. He just wouldn’t stop. I actually terminated the contract out of anger. It’s never easy trying to get around sales people. Recently I purchased a mobile phone unlocked purposely so I didn’t have to get stuck in a plan. I bought it at a. Normal retailer but I couldn’t believe the teller wanting to know if I wanted it on a plan. Right away I said no. They were more interested in selling telstra as they sell their plans. Must admit the first time being pushed into signing up the minute I was picking up the phone. Desperate time call for desperate measures I say. I remember a while ago buying a new fridge I got caught out with another pushy sales person Gees hexwas good with his tactics. In fact seco d’s world was very misleading since they advertise products being cheaper because of minor damage etc. Hardly what I saw. I will never visit second world to buy again. I just got conned into spending more. Maybe you guys should list seconds world in shonky awards. I would change the name to expensive world.

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