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How to delete your Google search history

Found this article while browsing around the web . Could be of some use to the forum users. I think there were some other posts re the subject on the Choice forum too .


this is valuable advice, thank you!


@tia21der My pleasure to pass it on . Thanks for the “like”

Thanks. It is really helpful.

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On a similar but substantially more dangerous matter, saving passwords when using Chrome doesn’t simply save them on your local device but on the Google databases in the ‘cloud’. Try visiting then signing in to see just how many of your passwords are accessible in this way. Clicking on the eye symbol reveals the password. What’s worse is that passwords saved when logged in to ALL of your linked Google accounts are accessible by logging in to just one. So if you have a GMail account that you just use for ‘trivial’ things (so use a pretty basic or easy to guess password) and another for banking etc for which you use a more secure password, someone guessing your weakest password can get access to all of your others! NEVER allow your web browser, especially Chrome, save your password!


Thanks for the that Andrew I totally agree . I find Chrome auto fill is also on my hit list for permanent disablement .

An alternative search engine that might be interesting to some.


@PhilT Now that would not be a “quack” system there Phil would it .?:grinning: Just joking looks good .

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Also have a look at you will need to change some settings in your browsers to use it but you have to do similar changes for duckduckgo.

When searching with startpage it uses a google search that strips out your identifying data and uses the POST method rather than the GET method. The search results can be viewed through their proxy which further secures your privacy. If you don’t want to use google results you can use their ixquick search engine ( that is a meta-search engine that doesn’t use google in it.

To read about their privacy certification you can go to

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