How to curb smartphone addiction

Turn off that smart phone and live in the now with these tips.

Does your phone steal too much of your attention, or not?


Easiest option is not to get one…if you need a mobile, just purchase a standard old boring brick rather than a smart one.


Turn of data and turn of wifi and they basically do become a boring ole brick, increase in how long a battery charge lasts is nice too :slight_smile:


Move to the country where signal is very dodgy, and don’t install any games that don’t rely on a data connection, and you’ll soon lose interrest in it!


Get a job in a workplace where they are banned :slight_smile:


I leave mine in flight mode, only turning off at the end of the day to check for anything important. Prolongs battery life significantly.
I also have all notifications except calls and sms disabled, and leave it in silent mode when ‘on’ since I can’t abide the annoying ping signalling another trivial post by someone somewhere.
I have too often observed otherwise sensible intelligent friends and colleagues check their phone every time it pings, drives me mad and leaves me feeling like the third party.
Smart phones are incredibly useful devices and I don’t know how we managed without them, but they are also spawn of the devil when FOMO kicks in, as it so easily seems to do. Get a life, addicts!


No such thing as smartphone addiction. Check the DSM V.

(Can I get back to Pokemon Go now?)


An article regarding mobile phone addiction.

“The study, by BehaviourWorks Australia researchers, surveyed 2,838 Australians on their phone habits and found 43 per cent spent more than three hours a day on their phones.”

Get a life, people.


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