How to buy a great stick vacuum

We recently released our Stick vacuum review (member content). Once again, we found there is plenty of savings to be made - our test (free content) indicates some cheaper models that rival the more expensive ones.

As always, check out the buying guide for general info and post any questions or experiences below:


We’ve updated our Stick Vac review for 2023 (accessible via the links above). Here are some models we suggest are best avoided:


We bought the Dyson Gen5Detect about 3 months ago for just under $1,000 (regular special offer price at Good Guys) and although the price was steep I can’t complain, it’s a great appliance.

‘Game changer’ is an overused expression but this is one. It’s changed vacuuming from a really unwelcome chore to something almost enjoyable. We used to have to pull a barrel vacuum out of a cupboard, unfurl several metres of cable, plug it into a socket and then drag it around. With the stick vacuum we just lift it out of its charging cradle and it’s ready for use.

There are cheaper alternatives. We went with the Choice recommendation with a view to ensuring long-term reliability and performance.