How to boil milk?

I can’t seem to get milk to boil on my new induction hob without it burning on the base. Is there some special type of saucepan that’s better for boiling milk without burning it? Also can milk be boiled in the microwave?


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To boil milk without scorching:

  1. Heat over slow heat stirring constantly while it comes to the boil.
  2. Use a double boiler.

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Yes, but unless it is stirred regularly, it will form a thin skin.

Care should also be taken when using a microwave as it is possible to superheat liquids if the container is very smooth and has no defects. In such circumstances liquids can have temperatures higher than their boiling point, and and have eruptive boiling if the liquid is disturbed after heating.


Induction hobs are very efficient at heating the base of the saucepan. When heating any solid or liquid, only the quantity directly in contact with the base is heated. Hence the advice to stir while heating.

I can remember we once had a little ceramic disc with a down facing spiral and vent hole in it that was sometimes used in the bottom of the saucepan. Aluminium pot of course in the days of the modern 50/60’s kitchen because cast iron etc was so heavy and old fashioned.


We regularly boil milk on our induction. How you do it depends on how fast you want it.

If you want it fast, turn it up and stir like crazy once it starts to let off bubbles until it is boiling. If you aren’t in a rush, turn on to a medium heat and leave it until it starts to bubble and then stir with increasing regularity until boiled.

For more tips on how to boil milk, look here.


This is an Aluminium version of what Mark mentioned. It maintains circulation of the milk in the saucepan, so long as you don’t try to heat it too quickly


We had a glass/pyrex one without a hole. I went to look for it to take a photo, but it appears to have relocated itself to ‘missing sock haven’; from which occassionally spare socks and other objects mysteriously re-appear for a brief visit.


I have an induction cooktop and boil my milk for coffee every morning. I use a silicone spoon to continually stir the base and sides of the ceramic coated saucepan. I use the boosted heat setting to get the job done quickly. Milk may slightly stick but because of the constant stiring, it never burns. Been doing this way for well over a decade. Let the saucepan sit for an hour of so with some detergent and water, use a dish brush and presto its clean and ready for the next use.


I cover the bottom of the pot with a small amount of warm water first,then add milk .

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