How often do you empty your stick vacuum?

Hi all,
I am conducting a quick poll to help inform our future testing.
Stick vacuums are hugely popular.
But with their relatively small dust receptacles, do people make a point of emptying it each time, or do you wait until the thing is virtually filled to the brim?
Filters are another issue which you can comment on under the poll - do you regularly wash these? Proper cleaning and maintenance can make a difference to the performance. Thanks everyone.

  • I empty it virtually after every use
  • I only empty it when it reaches the full line
  • I empty it only when it is packed, and goes beyond the full line

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There should have been a fourth option in the poll…

:o: I don’t have a stick vacuum.

This would have been the selection for me!U


there should also be an option for:

:o: Someone empties it when it stops sucking


I clean the filters after every third use . Don’t use it much though . I find most vacs of that type are overpriced for what you get . Mine was a gift .


Agree, the forth option is a good one, especially when it is not me. What’s inside is revolting. Who ever though of a clear dust catcher had a sick mind, if you consider how squeamish some of us can be. Thankfully I prefer a full blown disposable bag cleaner for all my tasks.

P.s. yes, on the psychology of seeing stuff sucked up and collected may make you feel it is doing a great job. But it’s what’s not left behind that is the measure of a good vacuum cleaner. Absolutely not what you can see in the clear plastic bin? How do Choice rate and test a vacuum proves it!


Tick ! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Another option
I would get one if they weren’t so overpriced.


I empty it every time I use it.
My partner never empties it.

However, my partner uses it 4 times four every 1 time I use it.


I prefer disposable bags. I gently disengage from cleaner and carefully place inside a plastic bag and tie. Emptying bagless vacuums means the stuff you have sucked up flies around during the emptying process - especially the fine dust particles. I certainly don’t like the thought of it getting into my lungs.


Surely “what’s not left behind” IS “what you can see in the clear plastic bin”?

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I love my stick vac - so much easier than dragging out the big pull along one and and the stick vac is really efficient. No chords and no fuss. When finished, I take the lid off my garbage bin and empty the collection bin directly over the household bin and jettison the contents straight in - too easy.


I have a long hair cat, so i empty it once or twice per room, depending on room size and when last vacuumed (single man so that can vary…). Dyson V8.