How does one compare the wide range of milk substitutes that are now available?

There are so many grain-based milk substitutes available in supermarkets that I’m becoming increasingly confused when I try to compare what each has going for it. From the promotional information supplied, it is becoming increasingly obvious that they are targeted at various current fad groups: anti-sugar; anti-fat; anti-gluten - etc.etc.
I realise that people who are lactose intolerant might wish to have some form of milk substitute, but it is very difficult to make intelligent comparisons.
Could Choice do a comparative study to help in the decision-making, including value for money (given that the bulk of each product is water.) When one looks at these “milks” they are little more than glorified water-based drinks.


Hi @petpad.byers, this milk alternatives guide might give you the answers you need, including a summary of each different type of milk. There is also a review of 71 types of milk substitutes for CHOICE members.

Then again, dairy milk is a glorified water-based drink as it is made up of 88% or so water. The issue is in the complexities of the other ingredients, as detailed in the reviews referred to by CHOICE.