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HomeoPet - Shonky pet medicine


We recently heard about HomeoPet, the homepathic medicine for your dog or cat. The Shonkys submission noted problems with:

  • Putting the ingredients on the box in Latin so most people will have no idea what’s in it
  • Putting pictures of multiple animals on the front of the box, then saying ‘Dog Use Only’ in small print on the back
  • Suggesting essential oils are a suitable treatment for arthritis
  • For putting their only reference as ‘Published in the HPUS’, a publication funded by companies that make those products

We also noticed that while the website seems to actively avoid using the word homeopathy, the ingredients list on the products determine amounts of 6c and 30c (commonly used in homeopathy). Seems pretty Shonky to us, what do you think?


It certainly sounds very shonky

  • suggests a footnote or explanation, but I see none.


What were the results?


Their limited testimonials on their website are highly favourable/glowing reviews of their the products.


They also state FD approved but no information on their website. They claim that the FDA approvals, which took 7 years of research to get the registrations. One has to look at the product label instore to get the FDA registration numbers, to then allow some further investigation of what they actually are.

They also quote the HPUS as source for much of their information…


… nearly 8 out of 10 dogs surveyed said “woof” ?


I might be skeptical, but it sppears from the limited (or is that virtually no information available online), that they assume that pets response to homeopathic remedies are the same as humans. If the human response is not supported by scientific evidence, then the same would apply to that of pets?

While many pet owners may treat their pets like a member of the (human) family, their response to things that humans consume are quite different. An example is chocolate and dogs. Should this be tle same for homoeopathic remedies?

Also, the last time I asked a dog if they felt great I got a woof…and if they felt sick I also got the same woof…maybe the dog is both sick and great?

Maybe one needs to engage those who can communicate with animals to determine if the pet has one of the ailments that the homeopet claims to treat. Maybe the same type of people who enagage a pet communicators are likely to also be convinced that the homeopet products also work.

I might be wrong but it does sound a little fishy…sounds like I might need one of those pet communicators myself to confirm this from the household goldfish.


I thought it was for dogs only.


I think that giving the dog water without any impurities would be cheaper and just as effective.