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Does Choice intend testing the available EV Chargers in Australia? There seems to be a large range of chargers available, mostly from a range of companies I have never heard of.


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The near term (Jan-Feb) products on test by Choice and in collaboration with others are shown here

Because of budgets, expertise and the still relatively small (but important and growing) takeup of EVs it might be something that will be organised by Choice or collaboratively with another organisation.

There appear to be a few commercial sites offering guidance (as well as sales and therefore referral commissions) that may or may not provide good information. One hit is

and their disclosures


The Community has a Request A Test category which I will assign your query to, and tag @BrendanMays who might be able to help with Choice future plans.


Thanks for tagging me @PhilT and thanks for the suggestion @Rubberknuckle. We keep track of the requests we receive to this category and to our website form, so this will make sure it is given consideration for the future. No doubt these type of chargers will become more popular in the future, if anyone has any experiences or reviews with EV chargers, please leave a comment in this thread.


Finally, at long last.

There is one surprise, although not a surprise perhaps.

  • A universal 7kW charge station capable of fully charging any BEV over night at home on a single phase supply might cost AU$1500 plus a couple of hours for a sparkie to install.
  • A typical high voltage DC to AC 230v converter (aka solar PV inverter) up to 5kW output can be had for AU$1500-$2500 plus install.

How much might putting both capabilities into a single box cost - fully Australian approved and certified?
$1500+$2500 = $4000 or perhaps a little less?

Unfortunately Australia is at the wrong end of the technology curve, again!

Bidirectional chargers will cost about $10,000, or a bit less than a standard home battery.
JET Charge chief executive officer Tim Washington expects that price will fall by more than half within a few years, as they become more common.

For anyone concerned at the cost the majority of BEVs available in Australia do not have the capability to use the technology. By which time some commonsense and more realistic attitudes from suppliers may have evolved, or not.


For those who purchase a Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup.
A special deal on a two way charger that can be used to power the home.

Now Ford has officially launched the ‘Ford Charge Station Pro,’ which acts as both a charging station and bi-directional charger.

You can’t order it yet as the page shows it as “sold out,” but it reveals the price of the station to be $1,310:

Assume the price is US$. Not necessarily available in Australia. At around AU$1950 allowing extra for gst how close will Ford come assuming there is an Aussie release?

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