Holman Automatic Retractable Hose Reels

Hi I recently contacted Holman Industries seeking their assistance to replace a 30 metre Auto Retractable hose reel because the spring mechanism failed despite my careful attention to the terms of use.
I was informed by Holman that they would not assist me as I had purchased the unit more than 2.5 years ago and their warranty is only for 2.5 years.
So it seems Holman is saying their retractable hose reels only have a life of 2.5 years.


Here is the warranty page from their website.

It appears that the hose reels have a 2 year warranty.


Welcome to the forum @WGH. Regardless of what Holman puts on their warranty you can claim a remedy through the ACL for a number of reasons, one being unacceptable quality for its price and respective market. For example if there are 10 companies offering hose reels and all have 5 year warranties except Holman (which is not the case but used as an example), and all are similarly priced, a reasonable expectation is the product should last 5 years and you could thus demand a remedy if you could demonstrate they were a quality outlier.

Just because they state their warranty is X years does not make it so. It only makes it easier to claim for the consumer within that period.

We have had many, many references to it on the forum so as a starter search the form for the ACL, or start reading here.

You need to keep records, copies of brochure claiming quality, have all communications receipted or notes logged, and be dispassionate and formal.

If you pursue the matter please let us know how you go.


Edit: @PhilT beat me to the punch. I will leave my post, as I include some slightly different information. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum @wgh.

It would appear that their reels are not very well liked having received an average rating of 1.9 out of 5 from 279 reviews at productreview.com.au .
As you are probably aware, you have a stautory warranty regarless of any warranty manufactureers place on their products. The statutory warranty duration depends on the cost of item. The more expensive the item the longer you could reasonably expect it to function.

Unless you bought directly from Holman, you should be going to the retailer you purchased from for warranty claims. For example, if you bought from Bunnings, go back to Bunnings (they are good about taking back faulty goods).

If the retailer doesn’t want to come to the party, put your claim in writing, and hand it to the retailer.

Fortunately, Choice has prepared quite a bit of information which may help.
Choice’s help with your rights when something goes wrong.

I hope you can get it sorted. Let us know how it goes.


They may have a remedy outside of the warranty if the there was a manufacturing fault that lead to the failure. From the ACCC site on ACL is the following:

“In some instances a warranty against defects will provide the consumer with remedies that exceed those provided by the consumer guarantees. However, in other cases, consumers may be entitled to a remedy under the consumer guarantees after a warranty against defects period has expired”


"Products must be of acceptable quality, that is:

  • safe, lasting, with no faults
  • look acceptable
  • do all the things someone would normally expect them to do."

Hi, I had a similar issue with the Liberty Garden hose reel. At first, they refused to assist me, the only thing that helped is to get in touch with a person more experienced than a young lady that I was talking with. After a long time discussion, I got what I wanted. Don’t be afraid to be a little Karan.
By the way, the above-mentioned advice is also really good.

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Regarding the warranty i seen it on a product though bunnings mention about the consumer law i would think that it would be mentioned not on the bunnings website but product warranty… I wanted to add additional information about manual hose reels thwt one either has wheels or one that pick up and move around. The, reviews for example on bunnings are pretty bad for even expensive reels. Om having a hard time trying to decide which brand is best and wont fall apart. Some people mention good ywt others say rubbish quality… I know i have seen stories about fake, review but bunnings do mention the, reviews are genuine from what i see. If anyone has a brand of portable hose, reel please mention otherwise i will risk buying one by looking I store