Holiday Rental Issues

Made a booking for 2 weeks holiday with Love Me Love My Dog and paid one weeks deposit ($1600.00) then had to cancel due to health reasons. Vendor refused to refund deposit. Pursued the owner, Christine Linda Lewis, through NSW Fair Trading & ACT Civil & Administrative Appeals Tribunal and received a default judgement in my favor. Then paid several times for the NSW Sheriff’s office to execute the judgement. Had Christine Lewis’s address but the Sheriff was unable to prove the identity of the respondent. Still no refund yet. My rights as a consumer have not been satisfied by the legal system. Pretty pathetic actually. Case of buyer beware when dealing with Love Me Love My Dog.


Sorry to hear about this Mike. Did the Sheriff offer any further advice? To my understanding, the only next steps are more in-depth legal actions.

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, I haven’t heard of that website but I’ll have to have a look into it.

Tagging in @jalamyar and @MeredithCridland as they might have some further advice on how to get your money back.

Short term rental? Tell me about that. We had a roaring party house next door to us for over 3 years. Regular 15-25 young people there to party all night.
Council? Their job to stop but council refused to intervene. The local real estate industry had gotten its teeth into our council. So who pays the wages for councils???
In the end a change came, at least until the bastards who own some of these places of ill repute decide the heat is off and they’ll again push the boundaries.

Airbnb? Can be good but these places have become defacto hotels with none of the regulations. Landlords will bleat into the microphones when any change comes. “We’ll be ruined…”.
What is forgotten in all of this is that family homes have a zoning which allows ‘residential amenity’. This does not include defacto hotels and defacto function centres. I really car not which way the system is milked as the family home is the family home. Aaybody who has lived in the war zone will understand this but sadly politicians do not have to endure the assault on their existence as they just ring the council manager and the place of horror is closed immediately. But not for everybody else.

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