Hinterland Directors Chair with Side Table

Recently had to replace my fishing chair after it had given me good service . Had a good look around at what was available on the market and decided to buy the Hinterland model from the local Big W . It features an anodised steel frame which makes it considerable heavier than its aluminium framed compatriots .

The table is great for putting containers with ground bait and bait I use . Saves bending . The fabric is rather thick and when unfolded the chair is very sturdy .

Cost was $39.99 . Would recommend .


We have both variants, and I haven’t noticed a difference in strenght, sturdiness, or durability over a period of time. The aluminium ones are certainly easier to handle when carrying them and putting them into or out of the vehicle.


Hi Tamas . I know where your coming from . Where I fish often blows a gale and chairs will end up in the water . The chair I purchased suited me perfectly for the conditions it was to be used in . Personal choice I guess .


I think it is powder coated which is a polymer applied dry. I would be interested to find out how durable it is compared to aluminium or other finishes when exposed to salt water.


I will let you know @syncretic as I will be doing a lot of salt water fishing soon at the mouth of the Werribee River inlet and estuary .