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High-end audio at CES 2018


@PeterZaluzny decided to take an hour out at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show you just how far some markets can go depending on the depth of your pockets.

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My gripe with middle of the range end amplifiers these days is that they no longer give you:

  1. phono input
  2. good stereo output (for the things that are stereo (records, CDs, etc)
  3. surround sound for the DVDs
  4. HDMI inputs for the PVR etc
  5. HDMI for the modern TV
  6. high definition video pass through
    My old amp-receiver ticks the box for points 1 to 5 but is no longer doing 6 (since 4K TV came along).
    When I look at replacing the amp-receiver I can find ones that do 3 to 6 but don’t do 1 or 2.



If they gave you 1 through 6 for an entry or mid price how could they up-sell you a far more expensive high end product?



My gripe is that the mid to high end products no longer provide both 1 and 5 in the one receiver/amplier unit.

I’d like to replace my Sony STR-DA3200ES AV Receiver with a unit that also does 6, but the only ones I’ve been able to find do not do 1. (or vice versa).

I haven’t been looking at entry level units (as phono in them is usually not up to standard).


Doesn’t this qualify? I cannot imagine it is unique. Did I miss one of your requirements?


I was amused by the review of the headphones that have "Audio ranges from 100kHz down 8kHz, with 0.01% distortion. "

Organ and heavy rock enthusiasts may feel short changed but bats will have a blast.


TheBBG thank you for the link.