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Help!! I am in Queensland and moved to Powershop and for 11 days couldn’t purchase a power pack due to a site problem. Then, when it was fixed, I purchased a $207 pack. Now, I was previously with Origin and my net power cost (including rebate for solar) for 3 months, was between $7 and $107. $107 being my most recent. So I expected this power pack to last me around 6 months. Imagine my horror when it was only for 22 days, 14 of which I was away and the house was empty. I now need to move to another power provider urgently but not Origin. Can anybody help?

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Hi topsi4, do you have a smart meter ? Have you checked the PowerShop website or app to see how much electricity they think that you have used ?

@topsi4 try to compare providers in your area.

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@topsi4 Another thing to watch with solar rebates - if you change anything - the Qld Govt views that as a trigger to terminate your old agreement and start you on a new (lower rebate) one. Have your rebates reduced? We are with Ergon (no choice) and the first $100 approx is “charges” every quarter. Was there a “connection” fee? Minimum daily charge? Smart meter Time-of-day tariff?

I have spoken to them and they said Queensland is an unknown at this point and power could very well be very expensive. I just want to change to another provider asap. Their system is very complicated and requires purchasing power packs from a range of power packs which I do not understand and regularly reading your meter and advising them. I don’t want to do this. Had I known this before I changed providers, I wouldn’t have gone to Powershop so I have multiple reasons for not wanting to stay with them. Hoping for a name of a power provider that’s well tested and reliable. I left Origin because my bills were increasing rapidly in the last year and they only ever emailed me a demand for payment. I asked them for a proper bill with details including how much my rebate for solar was etc. and they refused. I don’t like being emailed a demand for money without knowing what it’s for, exactly. So any provider who’s honest and reliable, if that’s possible.

What type of changes, zackarii? We have been here 27 years and I can’t think of any changes that would warrant a change in rebate agreement.

Then stay clear of AGL in my experience. My “testamonial” is supported by many gripes on the net. AGL is a (if not the) leader in their inability to administer their customers’ accounts properly.

How do they treat customers? I had only gas with them and they sent me a renewal offer in the post. I rang to sign on again and they refused to honour their written offer because I did not also have electricity with them. They would not budge. Since that I no longer have anything with them and never would.

If Red operates in your area they are reasonable cost, do not play games with high discounts on even higher base rates, and have been honest with nary a billing error in 10+ years with them for electricity and gas. YMMV.

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Thanks zacharii. That was helpful. I’ll do some research into Red Energy with solar.

@topsi4 See this
The Govt has been in the firing line over these changes. Your contract is ended at 44cents and you are signed up to 7.5cents (approx) if you change the name on the account, add components, close your account, have a disconnection etc.

Some advertised properties were mentioning the income from solar, however the change of ownership reduced this to about 15% of that spruiked. If you move house, renting or buying, you lose the upper value return on power generated.

Hi again topsi4, we’ve just launched this service, which may be of help to you:
Help finding a better electricity deal

Regards, Scott

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I’m with Powershop in NSW and very happy with them. About 10-20% cheaper than Origin by my rough estimate.

You do have to read your meter and enter it on their website every couple of weeks though, which probably isn’t for everyone.

I suspect something is wrong with a meter reading. Either the one for when you started, or a more recent one. The price shouldn’t jump from another provider.

We were with Powershop for several years, we had solar panels and had no problems. We have sold the house and will be moving into a retirement village, and intend to use Powershop again. I never bothered with buying power packs in advance, it just looked like too much hassle. I sent in regular meter readings and accepted their charges, which always seemed reasonable. No estimated charges. They claim to be renewable energy friendly, which is just about unique. They were always very helpful over the phone, I would hope that they will sort out your problem.

I didn’t think so either, but when I spoke to them, they did say, they are brand new in Queensland and at this stage, Queensland is a whole other ball game. I’ve already changed from Powershop but comparison tables show that Origin was probably the cheapest. Still, I had to move because they wouldn’t send detailed accounts, just a demand for payment of an amount, despite my asking for an account. I like to see exactly what I’m using and how much rebate I’m getting on my solar.

Hi rmg.s. I’ve moved to another supplier now (fingers crossed no more hassles) but I have to say that Powershop did ring and explain how it worked. Just that they’re brand new in Queensland and that it’s a whole new ballgame up here so may not necessarily be as cheap as other States.

Hope that works well for you, life gets complicated, especially when you think that corporations are not being straight forward.

I’ve been with Powershop in Victoria for a couple of years. I found purchasing the power packs very stressful and confusing at first but rang them and that was helpful. I think they’re great and recommend them to my friends - but, as I say, I’m in Victoria. They didn’t sound very helpful when you rang which seems unusual. Good luck

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