Help Us Improve Grocery Shopping with CHOICE Save!

Hi everyone,

I’m Michelle, a product designer on the prototyping team at CHOICE. We’ve been working on a new prototype called CHOICE Save, which helps people find grocery specials nearby and compare prices across different supermarkets.

We’re seeking feedback on CHOICE Save through an unmoderated test. It’s an interactive experience that lets you explore the app’s features and provide your thoughts on its usefulness.

We’d love for you to participate! The test only takes about 10-15 minutes. Additionally, please feel free to share the link with your friends and family to help us gather more feedback on the idea.

Link: Maze

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out. Thank you!


With all good intentions I started the challenge. Maze took more than one minute to load and then was very slow to respond. iPad and a 75+ Mbps NBN connection. I closed it rather than persist. Will try again from another device later.


What I got on responding to first question


I didn’t have any problem accessing or going through the test. Of course, it doesn’t tell me how the app really performs on a phone, but it seems quite well-designed. I think people will find it useful.


I did get through the assessment later on.
It seemed important with Maze to tap once and be prepared to wait for a response. Initially many seconds. 2-5 seconds typically. Similarly when typing in the input boxes. More than one input pending appeared to queue and skip forward or break the functionality of Maze.

Intuitively when using a touch screen most of us will be accustomed to an almost immediate response, or some indication of process in place like a button changing appearance, a spinning circle etc. At times Maze would seem to respond almost immediately and at other times freeze, hence visual feedback a tap had been accepted was not always apparent. The responsiveness of Maze seemed to improve as the screens were worked through, but not consistently.

On the prospective App
I can see from the trial what you are setting out to deliver may deliver a benefit. When finished it could have appeal to those who routinely seek specials. It might also appeal to those who generally wait until in store to see if regular purchases are at a reduced price, or whether as a customer we are being gamed by the pricing.


I did the test in a browser using Firefox and everything appeared to work fine - now waiting for the app release to try it for real.


Found doing the test on a desktop easier than on a smart device.

Test environment a bit limited to see how it works, whether it is useful for our own circumstances and if it has potential.

Really need to play with the full app to get a better appreciation… and to see if any bugs or limitations.