Helga's Low Carb bread - serving size & nutrition information

First time I have seen them (it says New on the bag) - a range of 3 Helga’s Low Carb Higher Protein Low GI breads. We bought Wholemeal and Seeds.

The 25% less carbs & higher protein claims appear to stack up when compared with similar Helga’s breads - Traditional Wholemeal and Wholemeal & Grain serving size (2 slices). They claim to have achieved this by replacing some flour with seeds.

This is where it gets confusing. I used the CSIRO food database, the Helga’s website and the bread bag. They don’t agree. For the Low Carb Wholemeal & Seeds, the bag says 700g 16 slices + 2 crusts, the website says 700g 18 slices + 2 crusts. Therein lies the problem of a changing ‘Serving Size’. The other similar breads have 16 slices. There are other minor differences (some due to slice size).

The CSIRO is recommending a higher protein (spread throughout the day), lower carb, low GI diet. That was the attraction. A low GI is defined as 55 or under, so at 53 this bread just squeaks in. Comparing other breads in the Helga’s range shows the problem of comparing 100g - some breads, and therefore slice and serving size are heavier.


Thanks for the report @zackarii, that’s some tricky labelling to consider.


Another low carb bread is the Herman Brot bread which is incredibly low carb - only 5g of carbohydrate per serving (2 slices). Aldi now sells bread that looks as if it’s the same one under their own label, Bakers Life.

It is so much lower in carbohydrate than any other bread that I wonder if it is too good to be true?


I compared the two nutrition panels and ingredient lists and I am sure that Aldi’s is being made by Herman Brot. It is lovely bread (not just for the lo carb fanatics) but doesn’t keep long so needs to be frozen. I often find the Aldi shelf empty. So have started buying two whenever I see it. I assume they do not get daily deliveries or else it is super popular.

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