Heated Throw Over Rugs

I recently decided to purchase a heated throw over rug as an alternative to using a space heater, prompted to some extent by my having installed a solar PV system. Looking for a Choice test to inform my choice I was sorry to find that the only tests carried out have been for electric blankets to be fitted to beds.

Could we see a test for these please? (Although I’ve already purchase one - a Breuer. It is a bit more expensive than many, but it is also bigger and uses less electricity, and is made in Germany.


Cold season is coming! Electric throw-blankets are used more by our overseas friends, including on beds. What’s the go Choice?


There are a number of ‘electric throw blankets’ on the market. Perhaps this request got overlooked?

Choice published a recent test (member content) that once again covers electric blankets, but not electric throws.