Heat Pump Dryer that doesn't 'ball' sheets?

We bought a Fisher & Paykel DH 8060P heat pump dryer some time ago, and I dread using it because the one thing I most need to dry in wet weather is sheets, but even with one queen size fitted sheet on its own, it balls that up within 5 minutes, which means I have to be home to use it, and I have to continually go back & forth to un-ball it and start it going again. It’s even worse with 2 sheets and the smaller things like pillow cases, which end up in an enormous ‘football’ with only the outside dry and the rest still damp inside :unamused:

So, which other brands to people recommend that won’t ball the sheets?

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We have a standard dryer, but it does reverse tumbling to prevent the balling together problem you have.

Based on a Google search for heat pump dryers with reverse tumbling, there are reverse tumbling models available, BUT according to the Choice article “Is a heat pump dryer worth it?” they may not untangle and dry the bulky item ball.


Thanks for your reply meltam. Yeah, I had no problems with my original standard dryer, but it seems the fact that they don’t reverse tumble, is the problem. Crazy huh? You’d think for the amount they charge for them, that would be a no-brainer ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I agree it seems a logical thing to have, but If you read the Choice article it has to do with the motor driving both the heat pump and the drum.