Health insurers - preferred providers

I question the way health insurers can suddenly, for no apparent reason, change the “preferred provider”. Is this just a way to increase their savings by paying out less on extras cover? To me it is like breaking a contract.


Preferred providers agree to provide services for discounted prices. If a provider does not agree to a change in their terms the fund will terminate their contract and move on to a provider willing to ‘do business’ on the fund’s terms. If a specific provider is the subject of complaints I could also imagine they might be dropped, but that is opaque at the best of times.

It is not for ‘no apparent reason’.

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I received a letter from my health provider to say my choice of optician was no longer on their list. No reason given.
The last time i chose according to their list, i got a bum dentist, but was a few years before his bad workmanship became a problem.