Health Insurance Comparison and Choosewell- Independence query?

Received an e-mail today from Health Insurance Comparison, who are also linked to Choosewell. They apparently will advise me about the best Health Insurance for my situation. However, they want all my contact details, location, my current Insurer, etc, and that set off alarm bells, ie, are these people independent, or just using this to market their business?

Hi @longinthetooth, be careful when it comes to providing your personal details. Sometimes these can be ‘phishing’ scams, which seek to get your details for the purpose of identity fraud.

While we haven’t reviewed ‘Choosewell’, here’s an article on comparison websites that might be useful. Make sure to shop around and consider the full market to find the best product that will suit your needs.

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Thank you Brendan. I was aware of both your warning about phishing and the Choice article before I raised this, in fact that is exactly why I raised it. The Choice message from both is essentially be careful until you can determine their validity. Hence me raising with Choice, who are better placed to check the latter and on behalf of us all.


18 months ago I used a couple of health insurance comparison websites when shopping for extras cover, but found them incomplete (many funds missing), out-of-date, and lacking in useful comparison detail e.g. how funds group therapies for the purpose of limits, family limits, lifetime limits etc.

In the end I created a big spreadsheet which compared 10 funds and 25 polices for my family’s likely use over the next few years. Australian Unity top plan was best for me, putting me ahead by $2000 p.a. over the worst fund. But the specifics of the scenario make a huge difference, and when I did a similar comparison for a friend, her results were very different.

The comparison websites were a complete waste of time for me and I think they would be for most people.

Must agree Jen. The “compare” sites seem to have a limited clientele. Perhaps they need to pay for the privilege of being on their site? I don not trust “compare” sites anymore for that reason. After looking at the compare site, I then look for alternative providers. It takes a bit longer to sus out who is in the market but it can be worth it😊.

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