Have you tried Dalgona coffee, and if so, did you like it?

To make Dalgona coffeee, you just need to whip it (and we do mean whip it good).


Everything old is new again. It was called fake cappuccino, home cappuccino or similar words, an eon ago when espresso machines only existed in cafes run by southern Europeans and we in Oz were yet to become coffee snobs.


Didn’t the Government say they wanted to ‘fatten the curve’?


WHAT THE ACTUAL… whyyyyyy!!!
I think I’ll give it a miss. I stopped putting sugar in coffee years ago, and instant coffee is known as “brown sadness water” in our house. We keep a jar of Coles organic freeze dried for extreme emergencies only - when any coffee is better than no coffee.

I have been working on my Japanese pour-over technique with the Hario though. It isn’t easy, but when you get it right the results are spectacular. Hands down the best version of coffee around.


Certainly one of my best coffee experiences.

Up there with Colombian sourced chocolate coated Coffee beans. :partying_face:

On the Dalgona style of coffee. It’s still just instant coffee, and it needs the added sugar to cream. I’ll stay with a daily double shot plus skim milk, lightly frothed.

Some of us don’t need the added sugar.


Got bored this afternoon and gave it a go, using Coles Freeze Dried and my el cheapo Adesso stick blender from Woolies.
I blended and blended and blended until the blender literally started to smoke, but I couldn’t get it to “whip”. I got a thick custard like consistency. I poured on top of cold milk.

Tried to mix the coffee blend into the milk but it was really really difficult. Basically tasted like cheap iced coffee. I wasn’t a fan at all. The Husband thought it was good but you really can’t trust his opinion on coffee - the only reason he doesn’t drink the cheapest instant available is that he’s too addicted and needs the caffeine content of strong brewed coffee :joy:
Now I need go and clean all of the dalgona splatters off my kitchen splashback…


Well, it made for a nice photo at least! :joy:

Apparently you can do the same trick using Milo, but I haven’t heard too much support for this either.

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