Have you or your child/ren experienced tooth decay/cavities?

Hi all,

Added sugar is in 70% of the foods we eat and has serious health implications. One of the damaging effects of sugar is tooth decay. Sugars provide food for the bacteria that dissolve tooth enamel and as sugar consumption increases, so do cavities.

We are looking for case studies of people who have experienced tooth decay, especially at a young age.

Have you had to go to the dentist or hospital due to tooth decay? Do you have or know children who have had to go to the dentist or hospital for tooth decay or cavities? Have you had to spend a lot of money on these procedures?

We are wanting to understand this issue from a personal experience as labelling of added sugar is on the Government agenda late November.

Please contact me at kday@choice.com.au or reply below. Many thanks!


A few decades old, but my first child had decay problems as an infant/toddler, brought on from giving her too much fruit juice! No added sugar necessary to be a problem.