Have you ever had a problem with an unsafe product?

If you’ve ever had a problem with an unsafe product or know someone who has - we want to hear from you!

For example, you might have experienced a toppling piece of furniture, an exploding pressure cooker or found out something you bought was recalled due to safety issues.

You can tell us about your experience here: http://bit.ly/2WYyE0f

Your response may be used in a CHOICE submission to the government on why we need stronger product safety laws. We won’t use any details that identify you.

Thank you!


An article on the Recall Laws and why CHOICE would like to see proactive Laws rather than the current reactive Laws on product safety.

Chris Barnes tweeted the above as well with this heading:

Chris Barnes

This is why @choiceaustralia is campaigning for a General Safety Provision for all goods sold in Australia - its should be illegal to sell unsafe products, yet for many products there’s no such law.


Pretty much anything with an edge. My wife tries to keep me safe, but last time I nearly chopped off the end of my thumb with a bread knife while trying to get some ice cream out of the carton. (Just don’t ask.)

On second thoughts, maybe I’m the unsafe product that knives should stay away from?