Have you ever bought ski gear from ALDI?

We want to hear from anyone who has ever purchased any ski gear from ALDI, especially for kids.

If yes, please elaborate:

  1. What did you buy and how did you rate it?
  2. Would you recommend it?
  3. Were you able to find other retailers offering ski gear at comparable prices?

We bought both adult and children’s jackets, gloves, pants, and goggles I think.

Yes we have recommended the ski gear to people who have also bought it.

The quality of the gear is at least on a par with other products but much cheaper.

It is ideal for growing bodies, as you don’t want to spend a fortune on gear used for a short time over only one season.


I bought a ski(?) jacket from Aldi a few years back and wore it in Siberia in December. Very impressed.


Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

Here’s some Aldi special buys to lap up, and some that are better avoided:


We were given a children’s Aldi (Crane brand) gloves, ski pants and ski jacket by friends who kids had outgrown them.

They had used them for one Victorian ski trip and handed them onto us instead of placing in a charity bin.

We used them once and the quality seems reasonable…longevity is also unknown but for kids especially who tend to outgrow clothes and are only likely to wear such gear for one or maybe two seasons until outgrown or fashions change. With limited wear, the gear has survived with little evidence of stitching or fabric issues.

Don’t know the price paid so can’t comment on whether they were value for money.

They are also made in China which maybe is better than, from what we understand, many of Aldi’s clothing which is made in Bangladesh (in Bangladesh, there are reports that Aldi has taken advantage of the labour environment to push costs down at the expense of workers).


Some additional advice on ALDI ski gear:


Hi all, we’re having another look at Aldi snow gear soon, so restarting this old topic. If you have any anecdotes or experiences to share, we’d love to hear them.

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Best Jacket for Cold Weather I ever bought, well best bang for buck as I don’t go into snowfields so I can’t comment on their use there. Used it when we went to NZ, surprisingly they have Cold places there :smile:

They have really warm hearted people there though. :+1:

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Sory but I can’t help.

Apart from the fact that there are no Aldi stores in NQ, demand for snow ski gear is somewhat limited in the Deep North.


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Unless they are taking a Winter Holiday :smile:

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Here is a article on one ALDI Shop’s experience

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I bought a ski jacket for a trip to Europe in winter for my growing son. It had lots of useful pockets was large enough and was made of water repellent material, so appropriate for any type of cold weather. The zip was not very solid.
We also bought woolen thermal and these are really the best to have, light and warm under fine wool jumpers.
I think adults can afford to buy something a bit stronger for the long term, but it’s definitely great for kids. That said, I would rather buy second hand, but it’s a bit limited in Queensland.