Have you answered an IPSOS poll?

There is a strong focus on the cost of living now and our federal leaders are embarking on a study directed at the supermarket duopoly. There are many articles in the press containing sad accounts of those going without and social media is hot with the topic. Choice gave the dynamic duo a shonky on the grounds that they are price gouging.

No doubt there are people doing it tough but anecdotes do not help us understand how many, how badly or the change over time. One attempt to remedy the lack of data about the cost of living is to take polls, ask people if they are suffering from problems with accommodation, groceries, energy and other major costs of living.

IPSOS is a major player in conducting such surveys. Their work is used by many organisations including those who comment on the price of groceries such as Foodbank. IPSOS polls are behind many mainstream media articles on the cost of living.

Which brings us to my question.

Have you done an IPSOS poll, especially one on the cost of living?

If some of the community has such experience I would be very keen to find out how the poll was conducted as methodology is the key to knowing how valuable the data published may be.

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