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Harvey Norman Shonky nomination


Whilst there are plenty of things that Harvey Norman deserves a Spot-A-Shonky nomination for, I would like to nominate them for one for their advertising.

Irrespective of whatever product category a Harvey Norman ad is for, it always ends in “Your XYZ specialist”.

Your air-conditioning specialist.
Your cooking specialist.
Your computer specialist.
Your bedding specialist.
Your outdoor furniture specialist.
Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

In reality, it is a classic case of “Jack of all trades, master of none”.


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This is not unique to HN. It’s a given part of today’s marketing hype. It’s a word very open to interpretation. As is also the average consumer response to it’s usage.

The English language encourages ambiguity of meaning. Do you take specialist literally, or as found in common usage, or in context?

Ownership of what HN are suggesting is their specialty might legally rest with them.

It’s possible they are specialists in having a wide range of quality stock in each area? It might be they are experts at presenting and marketing the product to the customer?

In respect of any subsequent purchase the customer is typically expected to know what they require and make the right decision. ‘Caveat emptor’.

If’s another good reason to use Choice to help close the gap in product knowledge for the ‘specialist’ consumer.

P.S. HN is not on my list of preferred shopping experiences. It once was, mainly because it was the first to bring up to date and relatively affordable products into some very conservative one retailer towns in regional Australia.