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Hair-loss treatment Evolis -- any reviews or experience?

Has anyone found any independent reviews of a new hair-loss treatment, Evolis, or had any experience with it? It came along after the Choice review of hair loss treatments in 2015, and I am hoping to find an independent or unbiased review of it.

The second study they reference used subcutaneous injections to get the results. Hair products often do not get to these layers as the skin is a great barrier. Usually to transport materials through the skin they use ‘carriers’ such as propylene glycol.

From memory one of the treatments that can work is an old hypertensive treatment. I believe it opens the blood vessels and the follicles get the blood flow they require but some literature advises the actual process on how it works is not yet understood. It is sort of expensive to carry out the treatment and needs to be ongoing, but the products you have asked about will be similarly costly and life long as well whether they work or not.

It is used in a liquid or foam to treat male pattern baldness.

Another is

If female there are anti androgen medications that may be helpful.

Of possible interest to you about treatments of hair loss see


This is off topic in that not associated with product in question.

I can wholeheartedly suggest a product which worked for me for hair loss from glucocorticoids ie cortisol mimics, seratide and cymbicort taken as asthma “preventers”. My hair mostly fell out and then grew 10 cm and fell out. I had long hair, not cut since I left home at 17.

I found, online, usa, free shipping, cosmeceutical industry start up at the time.
The RevivHair at $ 50 with dropper works. The chaps buy the award winning global products and pack into their offerings. They recently have an add on which restores hair colour.
No nonsense, completely non freaky. Wholesome. Lots of reviews. Just bought again.