Hair clinic Ashley & Martin taken to court by ACCC

The ACCC is alleging the hair clinic has contracts with unfair terms. From the article:

All three contracts used to sign customers up to the clinic’s ‘Personal RealGrowth Program’ mandated 12 months of hair treatment to be paid without giving patients more than two days to consider medical advice, says Sarach Court, a commissioner at the ACCC.

"Consumers considering contracts for medical treatments are often in a vulnerable position. It is vital that these contracts allow a fair opportunity for people to fully consider the treatment program and medical advice, particularly where there is a risk of side effects.

“The program costs thousands of dollars to sign up to, and a customer wanting to terminate the contract, even before being able to consult with a doctor, would have been substantially out of pocket,” she says.

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The court has found Ashley Martin contract terms to be unfair:


I wonder if that will cause some hair loss at Ashley & Martin’s corporate offices :laughing: They might need to resort to their own treatment regime.


Ashley & Martin ordered to refund customers.

It is enough to have Warnie tearing his hair out.

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