Gumtree Scam Using Neosurf Gambling Vouchers

Another grubby scam involving a scammer responding to an ad on Gumtree and using Neosurf gambling vouchers to trick the seller.

My wife’s sister had a similar experience a few years ago when she advertised a vehicle on Guntree and a scammer also supposedly from Darwin claimed he wanted to buy it but wanted her to pay the freight from NSW to Darwin, the cost of which he would include with the payment for the vehicle.

When she did not go along with the scam, he started sending threatening emails including one purporting to be from the Federal Police.

Absolute scum.



Yes someone from Darwin, Tanya Davis apparently at sea tried to scam me using Neosurf vouchers from BP service stations, even gave me link etc etc to their whereabouts in my area and phoney PayPal links saying all this rubbish about holding up the money in PayPal until I give their pick up agent the $350 vouchers when he comes to pick up the item I’m selling,I had to buy them in $100 lots, cunning bastards they are…pick up only now from Gumtree and money directly into my bank NOT PayPal


Hi @sted, welcome aboard and you are not alone in others trying to scam you.

Any unknown party in a transaction requesting one deals with any sort of voucher, giftcard etc should automatically be treated as a scam. It is well known that these sort of requests are a favourite of scammers/criminals (and not genuine buyers) as it is near impossible to trace.

The only people one should ever consider purchasing vouchers or gift cards for is one’s own loved ones (inc. close family or friends) and oniy as a gift or in appreciation.