Groupon - what are my options? Anyone else had a similar experience?

In October, I bought an item ($200+) from Groupon, which had a ‘shipped in 3 weeks, fully tracked’ assurance. Obviously, I paid on the spot to secure the deal. So they have had my money for that long.

3 weeks came and went, and the tracking showed absolutely no movement, only the date of purchase. I contacted groupon, and was told there would be a 7-10 day delay. 10 days passed, and still nothing on the tracker, so I contacted them again. This time they told me the item had been shipped on the expected date, but it ‘may have gone missing, we will investigate with the courier’. Again, nothing further for a number of days. So I contacted them again, only to be told that there was a delay with the order, and it would take more time, and to ‘be patient’. I responded that obviously someone is telling lies, and that I was awaiting an investigation about my shipment apparently going missing. The response then was that if I was unhappy, they could only offer me ‘Groupon Credit’ for the value of my purchase!

Fast forward to the last 48 hours where the new/old story is being regurgitated that the shipment is delayed and I can expect to hear something in the next week.

This is appalling customer service. I know online there are plenty of similar stories, but is there anyone I can report this poor excuse for a business to? Surely its not legal to only offer in store credit (with a finite expiration) when they cant even give me a straight answer. We are going on 8 weeks with absolutely no idea where the product is. I actually want the product, but at the same time, I’d hate to think that this behaviour is legal in Australia.

Thankfully I have the whole email trail from Groupon saved, so its all in writing, but is this the realm of the ACCC or Consumer Action Law Centre, or elsewhere? I know it seems minor, but i doubt this is the only time they have tried to pocket money without any reasonable expectation of holding up their end of the bargain. I would like to see them held accountable for this poor service, if this isnt a one-off.

Any advice or recommendations on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated!


Not legal advice, but assuming you paid by credit card, contact your credit card issuer for a chargeback (refund) for non-delivery of merchandise and see how that goes for you. Your rights to do that are time limited so check your cards T&C for disputes and get on it if the time has not passed.

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Hi @CaitlinB, sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had with Groupon.

As @AndyKollmorgen points out in his article on refund rights, it’s illegal for stores to offer ‘credit’ only in the event of a ‘major failure’ (check the article for a detailed explanation). If you call Groupon with confidant knowledge of the ACL and let them know you’re about to take the complaint to the ACCC and/or fair trading, our experience is you have a better chance of getting a positive outcome.

Good luck, please let us know how you go.


hi - I have used Groupon occasionally over the last few years - BUT, only for Restaurant etc Coupons and have luckily not had any problems … BUT, I received an email notification from them 19th Dec.16 stating that they are CLOSING Australia Office AND that we will be dealing with Ireland from now on…
Therefore, I am going to CLOSE my account because -
(a) you will no longer be subject to ’ Australian Privacy law provisions’; AND
(b) I will NOT DEAL with a Company that is EVADING Paying Australian Taxes from Income that is DIRECTLY associated/ earn’t by Australian Sales

below is the email -___________________________

Dear valued Groupon member‚

We’re writing to inform you about changes we have planned in 2017 in order to better service you.

Groupon Australia Pty Ltd will be transitioning operation of its marketplace and services. Groupon International Limited located at Lower Ground Floor‚ Connaught House‚ 1 Burlington Road‚ Dublin 4‚ 216410 Ireland will become the operator of and marketplace effective January 18‚ 2017. Local vouchers‚ goods‚ and travel deals will continue to be sold by Groupon Australia Pty Ltd.

What does this mean for you?
As part of this transition‚ your customer account (including any personal data associated with that account) will be transferred to Groupon International Limited.

If you have any questions‚ concerns or need more information‚ please click here to contact us and include the reference code‚ TR1.

Groupon Australia

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