Groupon Australia - Paying for Goods Which Are Sold Out

In June 2023 I purchased a voucher for a case of wine within hours of receiving the email from Groupon. I went online to the ‘Coffee & Wine’ site to purchase, the package was now ‘Sold Out’. This happened to me in March 2023 but, on that occasion, within hours I had received a refund. Not so easy this time!

Without going into excruciating detail my experience so far: I had to use live chat as there was not a link to refund this time (a worrying development). Ended up getting a conversation reference number with the assurance they would get back to me. They did want my permission to forward my personal details to the merchant to resolve the issue but I refused (they want to hand over the problem & I’ll just get heaps of Tele-sales calls after). After a couple of days I’d not heard anything so I consulted Product Review. I got the complaints email address from Rob, the person (? Bot) who always appears to say sorry for any issue reported on that site & asks complainants to send an email. This resulted in me getting a second reference number.

It’s now a month, I have no goods or refund. I do have 2 reference numbers. I do get replies to my emails but, it appears the Management and the Resolution Teams this matter has been escalated up to are still ‘Investigating’!

On Monday I am going to report Groupon Australia to ACCC & Qld Trading Standards.

I will continue to pursue and, when this is resolved I will be removing Groupon Australia from my life!

Update: Sunday 16.07.23 I received an email stating they had tried to contact Coffee & Wine Co numerous times without any response, they offered me Groupon Bucks to buy a different wine package or credits for other items. I replied declining their offer asking for refund bank to my card/bank. Received a reply saying they had passed my request to the Resolution Team & I would hear back within a maximum of 24 hours. 24 hours later I emailed them stating I had not heard back, asked for an update. Received a reply that in some cases it can take 72 hours. At 6:37 pm, 19th July 2023 I got the email confirming I would receive a refund back to my card/account. The automated email confirming arrived under an hour later. Once it’s in the bank Groupon is gone from my life! (Product Review has been updated as the saga unfolded).

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Since you are not having much response you have lodged a chargeback on your card and you did use one, credit or debit, haven’t you? Note the ability to do that is time limited, often 60 days (dependent on the issuer).

If you used a payment service check their own T&C for disputes.


Thanks for that suggestion! I used my Visa Debit, will contact my bank tomorrow :+1:

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