Grocery prices instore and online

Wondering if anyone has any information about the regular prices of grocery items on a retailer’s website and instore?
Recently, I checked the regular prices of 15 packaged non perishable products on the Coles and Woolworths websites and at the local supermarkets…The instore and online.prices were identical.
I’m wondering if this is the situation with these businesses for all non perishable packaged products and for other products such as perishables and products sold loose from bulk. Also, what the situation is with any other grocery retailers that have stores and online selling sites.
I’d appreciate any information you have about this.


Sorry but after multiple readings of your post I cannot make any sense of it.

Want to try again?

What did you expect?

From some older posts on the site there was some talk about price differences between some online to in store goods. Most of the posts were from around COVID initial outbreak days or earlier.

@ijarratt is asking if anyone is noticing if this practice is happening now or if retailers have the same pricing across all their regular range of goods. So, if anyone has current examples of price differences, @ijarratt is asking them to post here the examples or to confirm no difference exists. As to what is expected, it is probably expected that regardless of whether online or in store that prices would be the same. If not the same, why does a difference exist (a reason might be a manager’s special).


Sorry if it was not clear!
I’m interested to find out if grocery retailers charge the same or different prices for the same product if you buy it instore or on their website. And, I’m only looking at the regular prices not special offers.
For the 15 packaged products I looked at, at both Coles and Woolworths the instore and online prices were the same.
If I get time later I’ll look at more packaged products there, and also at other products especially fruit and vegetables, meats and seafood.
But meantime I’d be very interested in any info other people have about Coles and Woolworths instore and online prices and those of other grocery retailers (for example Costco and some independent grocery retailers.) that have stores and also sell online.


I thought there might not be differences between prices online and instore, partly because they operate throughout the country and advertise their prices so much, but was not sure because I have never bought groceries online.


I shop at Coles regularly but also use their online service . The prices for the goods I buy are the same both instore and online .


We shop online quite often at Woolies (Tamworth). Regularly priced items are the same online as in store, but when it comes to specials, different items are on special online vs in store. If you buy online you get charged the online price, even though it is at a lower price on special on the shelves, and vice versa.

Items showing as out of stock online are quite often found to be in stock in the store.


A lot of price rises seem to be so far over the general inflation rate and I can’t see where such high percentage increases come from (fuel, electricity, wages, raw materials, exchange rates?) and on top of this we see supermarket Duopoly making record profits (despite presumably having to pay more interest on their borrowings) - somethings seems rotten in the state of Denmark!

have you any more info about when and why these occur?. I presume that they do not occur if the price has been nationally or regionally advertised as a special offer?

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I will try to get pics next time I see them in store.

I have found them to be always the same at Woolworths,no issue there but one difference i have seen you can get the odd product for a special on-line price that is not available in store.Also there is a couple of products i buy on-line that are not even on the store shelves