Great service - Bathware Direct

I just wanted to give a shout out on the CHOICE Community for Bathware Direct (online bathroom/tapware suppliers), because it’s nice (and was a bit of a shock to be honest) to get some great service from an online company.

Caveat: I haven’t received my items yet (they’re on the way in the post).

I ordered some new tapware online, including some shower wall assemblies. Bathware Direct called me the next day after making the order to check the age of my bathroom and type of taps. During our conversation the woman suggested that the same design tap, but with a specific backing, would be better for a retro fit job and that she would order the taps from the supplier and swap them out with what I’d ordered. I’ll still be receiving all the items early next week.

I’d have never known that the taps ordered weren’t good for a retro fit, and would have had to return them if they didn’t fit. This would have also meant a second call out for a plumber.

Great service and saved me money in the long run!


I had excellent service from this company too.

FYI I received the items in the post yesterday - so speedy! They look fantastic too, can’t wait to get them installed.

All in all, a positive experience.


That’s great news @TillySouth :). Now we have the bathrooms sorted with Bathware Direct, the kitchen and laundry appliances sorted with Appliances Online & Winnings (via another Choice post). It seems we here in Oz are getting some very savvy online operators, realising that Australian consumers are willing to give a lot of business to a company that provides great service and competitive prices - whether that be bricks & mortar or online :).

Now we just need a few posts on great online landscape suppliers, roofing suppliers and flooring. Then we’ll have a complete “Home Build/Reno - Chosen by Choice Members” list lol. That’s only a half laugh by the way, it’s a list I’ll make myself even if I have to do it for my own reference :). Really is great to see that so many members (and staff :P) realise it’s important to highlight those companies doing the right thing as well as those doing the wrong!


@obbigttam exactly! I was just discussing with @KateBrowne about the difficulties of figuring out fair pricing with tradies too.

As a young single woman (who has grown up with renovator parents!) I am finding it a very difficult experience. Everyone is trying to rip me off, and I know it which almost makes it worse - don’t they say ignorance is bliss?

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It’s a fact I find extremely disappointing but from personal experience very true, that there are a heap of unscrupulous operators out there in the marketplace who will price according to their assumptions about who they are dealing with. It was the case when I was a young teen out with my single mum, and it’s still the case over 30 years later.

I’ll give you a funny/not funny example - a couple of years ago a female friend was worried her car was having problems and went to a couple of different mechanics to get quotes and was amazed at how expensive they were and how much work they said needed to be done. She knew nothing about cars but wanted to see if being a male I got a different response, even though she knew I had never driven and also knew nothing about cars. Same car to different mechanics but with me as the husband was less than half the work required and over $2000 cheaper. I said to her maybe these mechanics are more honest, so she took me back to one she had been to - he didn’t recognise her and quoted me pretty much the same as the others, half the work and thousands cheaper. Extremely wrong but virtually impossible to stop, so it’s up to us to be aware of the pirates when out needing something done.