Great customer service from Harvey Norman whitegoods in Maribyrnong

Our electric freestanding stove stopped functioning (there was a loud band and smoke emerged). As it was very old and we had been thinking about a new one (a repairman told us in 2016 that it would need to be replaced soon), I rang Harvey Norman, Maribyrnong, on Saturday 4/4 about 2 pm. They had the stove we wanted at a Special (I checked the price with other stores).

They went out of their way to find an electrician and arranged immediate delivery. On the same day about 5 pm we had a new stove and we were very grateful (they also took the old one). As we are both elderly we are very pleased that we have a functioning stove and can cook our meals.


Hi @whbaird,

Great to hear you had a positive experience with Harvey Norman. Quite often one only hears those who may have had bad experiences or not up to their expectations. It is great you have taken time to posted your recent contact and custom with HN.


A bit like the lottery. One person gets a great result but the rest do not.

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Hi @whbaird

I have added the suburb to your posting title because as I am sure you know, within every HN store every section is a seperate independent business.

I think that specific business that gave you great service should receive your cudos.


Always good to hear positive feedback.Generally on-line no matter what the subject you always hear a lot more negative than positive


Although I am happy for your good fortune, I would not buy anything from Harvey Norman whatsoever.

Gerry Harvey has been bragging in the media about how much money he is making from the pandemic. He has also downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic.

Let’s not forget he was instrumental in bringing GST for all overseas transactions under $1000.

Living near Geelong where we have two Harvey Norman stores, Gerry Harvey actively advertises that customers play the two stores off each other for better prices. Nice way to treat the individual stores by the figurehead.


Can’t you please give credit when a store does something right? Being totally negative can get very one sided.

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The government was responsible for this decision, not HN. There were many businesses and organisations that lodged submissions into the senate inquiry in support of the Low Value Goods GST…one was HN (which possible got the most media attention), but there were many more. Even the Retail Council supported the government policy…the Retail Council is the voice of most of Australia’s top retailers. I hope you have also blacklisted these other organisations and businesses (including Retail Council members) as well.

I don’t think this is exactly what he indicated. He did indicate that the pandemic may provide ‘an opportunity’. More recently, it appears that HN hasn’t realised this opportunity as it has had to cancel dividends to shareholders and has reduced staff numbers.

What he said is possibly real and factual, as any businesses that provide goods or services which deal with the pandemic or responses of consumers has the ability to benefit. There has been reports that stores which sell home office equipment, medial PPE supplies, food etc have benefited (had inadvertently realised the opportunity) from the pandemic. This is something they would not have expected 3 months ago. There are also many more business, like our own, in which the pandemic and controls have been catastrophic. This is unfortunate but no-one, including Gerry Harvey, is to blame.

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Did you totally ignore my opening? It appears so.

I read your whole comment. It is extremely negative. Given that you were replying to whbaird’s very positive experience I felt your reply was a real downer. The Consumer Defender in fact replied to your accusations against Harvey Norman. I am not a fan of Harvey Norman. I simply think that not acknowledging good service when it is given is as harmful as ignoring bad service. We need to be honest and balanced.


Regarding your first paragraph, thank you for giving the whole background. I accept he wasn’t the only supporter but he was the most vocal in the media.

What I read online about GH’s views about the pandemic was definitely bragging. He was quite happy to buy shares when he thought they had bottomed out but he misjudged and actually lost a substantial amount. He is in a financial position where he can just shrug his shoulders and wait it out. Yes, I know many others probably did the same but they don’t go talking publicly about it. You may have read different article to me, we don’t know.

My take away from his behaviour is that he would be a tyrant of a boss. No one, I mean no one, picked up on the fact he actively plays one store off the other where I live.

I am really pleased for the person with their great experience. I still wouldn’t walk into a Harvey Norman store.

That is my opinion and no one has to like it.


I wasn’t rude to anyone and voiced my opinion and I have accepted the additional information about the GST changes.

I haven’t been able to see the Consumer Defender’s response but I have fully read phb’s response.

I respect your opinion but I don’t agree with it.

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It should be noted HN is a franchise operation so each store is individually owned and operated, as is the HN web site. A consumer’s experience can vary greatly from one franchise store to the next and there have been many reports on the community that Harvey Norman itself usually doesn’t want to know about problems and just refers complaints back to the relevant franchise store.

When a store, HN or any other, has provided good service it is unfortunate when they are associated with other issues because of past or present corporate behaviour or when a related personality gets in the press. When using a brand as a marketing tool (which is what a franchise is at the end of the day) it can go either way.

The topic is complimentary of HN Maribyrnong and kudos to them for taking care of their customer to a high standard.


For the same reasons, I will never buy anything from a HN store. HN stores would have to do a lot of good deeds to make up for the bad deeds of Gerry and his board. No chance of that.

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