Grays online jewellery auctions

For the past month 10 separateI articles I have paid for on grays online shopping have not been dispatched unless I have contacted them again and complained that the articles have not been received.
If I did not notify them Grays would not only have pocketed my funds but also my articles and then no
doubt would resell the jewellery again. Also certificates of authenticity that should have been included have not and then there is a battle to obtain this. What rights does a customer have in this situation?
Do I have the right to ask for a refund as the article hasn’t been received? Has Grays been investigated for this sort of past activity?

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Not having ever bought anything at auction, I can only offer a couple of points.

Firstly, it seems there is some problem in the process of you buying the items, and getting them shipped. It is not once, but ten times.

Perhaps a confirmation email is not being responded to by you? Going to the wrong place, or perhaps into a spam folder? Maybe there is a typo in your details with Grays.

Secondly, your protections under the ACL for items bought under auction conditions, whether offline or online, are not much. So good luck with a refund.

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Not so much to do with buying jewelery on auction, but I did have annoying experiences with Grays, with them sending me too many emails about other products and prompting me to bid higher on an auction I was in. What if I had set my limit, and that was it? Stop pestering me. I ended up deleting my account.

Welcome @JohnA

I’ve never used Grays.
It would be enlightening to know some of the experiences of others who have actually sold or purchased on the site. If I were to look on line for feedback one article that comes up would leave me cautious of using the site. Even though it is supposedly the largest Australian online auction site.

To note issues included vehicles sold having different transmissions from the vehicle advertised, undeclared major defects such as panel/collision damage and permanently lit warning lights on the instrument panel.

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