Government Crackdown On Shonky Childcare Operators Saves $3 Billion

The Federal Goverbment’s crackdown on shonky childcare operators has saved $3 billion of taxpayers’ money.


All we can now ask is for the Minister to show us the money! He is going to get it all back, isn’t he? Is it really $3B that has been paid out for zero childcare delivered?

The other question is should the Minister (or was it a predecessor) resign over the failure of his department and administration to prevent the fraud reaching this scale.

It might seem like a win. It looks more like a failure on a monumental scale? 30 times more cash than the recent so called Sports Rort. At least in that instance the cash splash has gone into the community and can be accounted for.


I agree with @mark_m’s comments and would like to add - Now that they have saved that much money, will they inject that into the legitimate childcare sector so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Or like the ‘savings’ from the NDIS will that money just disappear too while they intone repeatedly ‘aren’t we the good money managers’?


What about the Employment Agencies who ripped, not only the government off but the unemployed, with their false reports. There were no reports of anyone being fined, or losing their jobs or Agenci8es being closed down. The Government were reimbursed some funds, but we didn’t hear how much they didn’t receive.