Government calls for volunteers to test NBN & also Broadband speeds

What there is something wrong with the NBN and it’s not attaining advertised speeds ?. I would never have thought that . Step right up and volunteer your services for Queen and country to put things right .


“The ACCC is testing broadband speeds across Australia. Our broadband performance monitoring program will measure the typical speeds and performance of people’s home internet connections. We’re looking for 2000 households to test in the first year, but will need more over time and are seeking volunteers now.”


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ACCC has extended its Measuring Broadband Australia (MBA) project out to June 2025.
It uses Sam Knows to measure broadband speeds and outages.

Here is link to jon the program
Volunteers receive a White Box that they put between their NBN modem and their local area network.


link to ACCC web page about the MBA program