Google Chrome compromises your passwords

I just posted this as a reply to a thread on the subject of Google saving your Chrome browsing history in the ‘cloud’ even if you delete it from your local device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone), but it’s probably worth a thread of its own:
Saving passwords when using Chrome doesn’t simply save them on your local device but on the Google databases in the ‘cloud’. Try visiting then signing in to see just how many of your passwords are accessible in this way. Clicking on the eye symbol reveals the password. What’s worse is that passwords saved when logged in to ALL of your linked Google accounts are accessible by logging in to just one. So if you have a GMail account that you just use for ‘trivial’ things (so use a pretty basic or easy to guess password) and another for banking etc for which you use a more secure password, someone guessing your weakest password can get access to all of your others! NEVER allow your web browser, especially Chrome, save your password!


One can turn off the password save function…In Chrome, go to the drop down menu (click on the three dots top right of screen), click on Settings,…Click on Advanced Settings and then remove the tick in the ‘Offer to save passwords with Google Smart Lock for Passwords’.

You can also delete the passwords which may have been inadvertently captured by Chrome.

It is worth noting that Chrome is not alone with the function…most other browsers also have a save password function.

I prefer to use a password vault which I chose and also research its security…rather than one like Google has developed for Chrome.


Thanks for this post, I just checked and found three passwords stored in the cloud. I deleted them and switched the auto-fill option off. On the bright side Google notified me through SMS and email, that someone was accessing my details, but I definitely feel better with no stored passwords. Thanks again. Rago