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Global Scams Run From Villawood Detention Centre


An article regarding a global scam and drug network being run out of Villawood Detention Centre.

It will be featured on Four Corners tonight.

And it was merely a fluke that the authorities stumbled onto it.

Every time they announce another major drug bust, I wonder if they are merely scratching the surface.



I have believed for a long time that all drugs should be made legal…go to your doctor for a prescription, get usage advice etc etc. Outside of that we need more centres where the drugs can be used and the drug paraphernalia collected safely. These same centres could offer withdrawal advice and advise authorities if the client is able to work. Check out some international efforts where drug addicts can and do work. Because their addiction is known their employment is appropriate. Drugs have and will always exist so the aim should be least harm and best safety! Plus, the benefits of taking drugs out of the hands of criminals not only results in known ingredients in the drugs but also renders no profit to criminals and frees up thousands of police to work for the rest of society!


Another article regarding scammers to be featured on Four Corners tonight.



the ‘war on drugs’ is one for bs busters I feel … nobody disputes the danger of drugs, of any kind when misused, alcohol, nicotine, etc but to condone some while demonising others doesn’t seem to come to a realistic solution when looking at what some counties have done … I’m not sure about this entirely, but I feel confident that a ‘war’ it isn’t …