Giving Bunnings your personal information

Recently I had to return a non-functioning power tool to Bunnings and to get an exchange product in its place.

I had the receipt but there was a bit of an issue as my son purchased the original tool. Initially I was told that only my son could request the exchange. I was told that I could have bought it on ebay under the retail price and was exchanging it to make a profit. But in the end the receipt got over this issue.

Then I was asked to provide my driver’s licence for it could be recorded to complete the exchange. It was a bit hard to get the reason for this request. It seemed unwarranted given that a fresh receipt was issued.

I protested about the request citing potential identity theft. I did not want to give my driver’s licence to some employee in a shop, particularly when the employee wanted to take it away to be copied. Eventually I had to concede as I was getting sick and tired of Bunnings.

Still no explanation from Bunnings re requiring the driver’s licence. I would have been ok with my credit card being used. After all Bunnings has accepted the card on many occasions.

Just wondering if others feel the same way about handing over their driver’s licence for such a small transaction. There’s a lot of information on a driver’s licence that can steal one’s identity.


I got married 9 years ago and changed my surname. I was quite annoyed at some inconsequential functions, particularly loyalty cards, that required a copy of my marriage certificate. These companies did not hold any money on my behalf, they were simply a way of getting my address to send me “offers”. Those I wanted to keep (ie gave me a % discount on purchases) I simply asked for a new one at the counter. Name, address, email, and it was in the mail. Why did they need all this “proof”?

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Australia’s privacy laws are a shambles. They’re used to avoid appropriate disclosure while, as in this case, failing to protect us from unwarranted and unnecessary recording of personal data. As is so often the case, the well-intentioned demand for appropriate privacy legislation gets hijacked by commercial interest.

Did they give you an explanation of why they wanted your driver’s license?

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I can only guess it is so that they know who did the exchange/got the refund as they can chase you up should you have been ‘shonky’. Unfortunately many businesses are responding because they have many who do the wrong thing.

I had similar issues when returning something that my wife bought (didn’t fit the tool as per the packaging) and they initially refused to give credit as they said that my wife’s debit card would be needed for the refund. I protested and said what a load of hogwash as I had the original receipt and had every right to return the goods. Eventually they caved in when I said I wanted to speak to the manager.

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I agree! Yes, Bunnings staff have the right to ask some questions on the company’s behalf…you might be attempting fraud etc etc but requiring your driver’s licence is over and above to my mind. I believe I would have refused!