Gifts Under & Over $1,000 for Those Who Have Everything (or close)

What are the most over the top products you have seen for personal consumption or gift giving?

From Costco. Comparative shopping reveals the wine glasses are Very Sharply Priced and includes delivery!


I hope that is some absolutely astounding shiraz they provide in the glasses otherwise how would that price be palatable? A bit on the nose? Leaves a strong acid taste that lingers on?


Apologies it is >$1,000 but otherwise one for those into Christmas decorating. Another Costco offering so it is probably exceptional value :grin:


Does it state how many cases of wine are included?

It should come with all the presents ready to be placed underneath.


That tree is not reaching the heady $1500 one they sell in the store.


Costco has done it again. Only in the US but one can dream. A devil is in the details.

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Since silly season is coming up, an addition to this sparse ‘must have’ gift list from Costco.

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For that amount of money could they not provide the nets & posts too, or is that a separate ‘kit’?

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Getting tempted? :slight_smile:

The Urban Pro 34 x 16 m tennis court kit is a supply and installation service.


The service includes the supply of tennis grass in kit form (lines will be stitched in where possible with extra allowance for grass lines that need to be cut in). You will also receive the supply and installation of one full net and two net posts, the supply of joining fabric and glue to seam all joins, the full installation of tennis court grass, and the supply and installation of infill sand.


The service excludes base prep, local authorities’ permissions, fencing and lighting, and anything else not listed above under inclusions.

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