Getting what you pay for

I have become a reluctant traveller - I love my destination, but have back and leg problems so don’t enjoy flying. I was considering changing to Qantas, thinking that a bit extra expense might be worthwhile. However a friend warned me she has paid Qantas prices and been put on a Jetstar flight.
Is there any possible comeback for this? It is literally a downgrade in service, but without a refund or compensation.

I used to do corporate travel booking. To the best of my knowledge, when you book a flight the booking will say which airline it is using, ie. Qantas but it is a Jetstar plane. Same as now that Virgin have aligned with Delta. If I book Virgin, at the time of the booking it will say if it is a Delta or Virgin plane. When I have been booking for myself through Virgin Airlines, this is also what I have noticed. So, in my limited knowledge, just ensure at the time of booking what plane they are using for that particular flight.


Living in Darwin, we have been aware of this scam for years. If you fly from Darwin to Singapore, it is only ever a Jetstar plane, but you can still buy the ticket through Qantas without realising. For a lot of extra money you will be handed a blanket and pillow, and a meal at cart time. There is no audio/visual service so you would feel fairly ripped off. I don’t remember the flight ever leaving on time either.

I wonder why this hasn’t damaged the Qantas brand, if it is so common!

Checking on which plane is not something I even knew you could do, sure plenty of other people wouldn’t either.

Hi Mudpuppy, when you right hand click on a flight, in this case I went to Webjet Travel and chose a Sydney to New Zealand route, you can see that Emirates flies the Syd to Christchurch, but Jetstar does Christchurch to Auckland, however, the flight is only posted as an Emirates Airline on the lefthand side. Cheers, N.


Interesting, thanks nerrel.loader. I don’t know Emirates, but guess there is also a difference in standards between them as with Qantas and Jetstar.

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@mudpuppy Yes I think Qantas shows the logo on the lefthand side as you’re booking. From memory the Jetstar flights (at least when you’re booking through the frequent flyer screen) are always placed at the very bottom of the table, regardless of time. So, you see every Qantas flight first and then you see the Jetstar options.

Interestingly, the approach of Virgin/Tiger is different (Virgin owns Tiger). You cannot mix the bookings of the two and they keep their brand very separate.

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