Getting Chrome To List Websites

When I reinstall Chrome or clear the browser history, the 8 boxes in the middle of the screen are blank.
Chrome quickly assigns 4 of them to and the 3 financial websites which we check daily.
After several months, it assigned another one to Coles and a few week ago another one to the catalogue for our local Supa IGA.
The other day it assigned the second last one to Choice Community.
I want to get it to assign the last one to either Google News or ABC news which I use every day but it has tried to assign it to sites that I rarely use instead including SpeedyFixer.
As there are obviously several computer experts using this forum, could someone advise me as to how to do this.


The New Tab page really only allows you to delete unwanted tiles from displaying. If you want to customise the page you need to install an extension from the Google Store. I don’t use the New Tab page myself but I have been able to get a couple of recommendations from friends. They are (the recommendations and not my friends :smiley:):

Speed Dial [FVD] by

The New Tab by

As I do not use these I cannot say if they will suit your purpose or that they will not display ads. Hopefully they will at least give you a starting point to see if they do help.


You can keep delete the ones you don’t want to see until such time there are 8 you want to display on the start up screen. I understand that some of these may disappear if you use other websites more frequently as the are based on frequency rather than ones preferences.

To delete using a tablet or phone, hold finger on the one to be deleted until option menu appears. Select remove. For Windows 10 Chrome, click on the X on the top right of the tile one wishes to delete.

I also, like @grahroll, haven’t used any extensions to customise the Chrome homepage.

Another alternative option is to create shortcuts on ones desktop with links to the webpages. When clicking on these shortcuts, the relevant website will open. Here is how to do it:

In Chrone android, click on the settings/menu button (three dots top right of screen) and then select Add to Home Screen. The shortcut will appear on the home screen. A fokder containing multiple shortcuts csn be created by dragging one shortcut over another. A folder will automatically be created where other shortcuts can be added. The folder can also be renamed. This video shows how to do…


Thank you for your replies and advice.
After Chrome yesterday tried to set the last tab to 4 sites I have only ever visited once the previous day, it has finally assigned it to ABC News today so all 8 tabs are for sites I want.
I will try your recommendations next time I have cause to do battle with Chrome.


Looks like the latest version of Chrome allows one to add shortcuts to the Chrome desktop, using the + Add shortcut on the Chrome desktop.

If you don’t see this new feature, update your version of Chome. The other way to force an update is to Clich on the three dots, select HELP and then ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME. It will give an option on the page to do an update.

It allows up to 10 user shortcuts to be created on the desktop.


It is certainly an improvement. Pity it only allows 10 tiles.